At Zeke's Landing Marina


Smaller 8-24 Passenger Attention & Comfort Full Bathroom……..

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Orange Beach Adventure Cruise’s “Flipper 1” is a 24 passenger USCG approved commercial passenger vessel. We offer very comfortable upholstered seating that can be arranged in small groups facing forward or rear. Passenger comfort and personal attention to every detail is our #1 priority. There is a full size marine bathroom (head) with running water and many of the comforts of home. We have a Blu Tooth compatible stereo system available for your private party and our smaller vessel allows “Close Encounters” with nature traveling in the bays and bayous of the greater Orange Beach and Perdido areas.

The Ownership & Management of Orange Beach Adventure Cruises agree on the basic philosophy that Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty is Priceless! If we do not exceed your expectations, we want to hear about it immediately. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance what we do. Being a single vessel company that offers lower passenger counts, we NEED your experience to be perfect from start to finish. We will not try to compete with the low price operators that offer $10 Dolphin tours! We do however try to be the best value in our market while offering outstanding amenities. Your special needs and requests are seen as a challenge to be at our best! Welcome Aboard!!!!!